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Adam Wainwright pranked former teammate Skip Schumaker with a homemade jersey

Name the biggest problem with business casual clothing: No, it's not that it's starchy and uncomfortable, it's that it's not a baseball jersey. Adam Wainwright fixed that.
Before the Padres went on the road following San Diego's 4-2 win against the Cardinals, Wainwright had a present for his former teammate and current Padres first-base coach, Skip Schumaker. He had his name and number stitched onto the back of Schumaker's polo: 

It's the latest salvo in a prank battle that goes back to when the two were on the Cardinals and Wainwright once filled Schumaker's car with diapers. Of course, this latest prank is specifically in retaliation for earlier this year when Schumaker sent room service to Wainwright's hotel room at 5:30 a.m.