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Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer got the last laugh in their prank war with Tommy La Stella

The prank wars surrounding Cubs camp were taken to another level on Friday thanks to Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer -- and their victim? Tommy La Stella.
Over the course of the spring, La Stella, Hoyer and Epstein have participated in some prank wars that revolved around parking spaces. La Stella parked his car in both Hoyer and Epstein's parking spots, prompting the executives to take the infielder's uniform -- forcing him to wear a polo and khakis at practice.
In revenge, La Stella set up a bounce house in their spots:

But the cherry on top went to a message Hoyer and Epstein posted on the scoreboard on Friday. It seemed innocent at first with a message stating the prank war was over:

Then, a second message read "Good luck in Iowa."

The Iowa Cubs are the team's Triple-A affiliate, so it seems a joke about being demoted may be the exclamation point on top of a rather epic prank war.
And now, you can witness the whole thing as the Cubs tried their best to find a romantic partner for the infielder who claims that black is his favorite color ... even if he doesn't know why.