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There was a makeup team behind Joe Kelly's transformation into fake reporter Jim Buchanan

Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly likes having fun, especially when it involves some acting. At the start of Spring Training, he tried out some umpiring moves, and, last season, he even joined the team's outfielders for their patented Win, Dance, Repeat celebration. 
On Thursday, Kelly pulled off another prank as he created fake reporter Jim Buchanan to conduct awkward clubhouse interviews and creep around the infield during fielding drills. Watching him pull off the act, you would be justified in thinking this was all lighthearted fun and games. It turns out, there was some serious behind-the-scene preparation for his cameo:

It may look like Kelly was getting ready for a scene in a Hollywood movie or was backstage prior to a Broadway performance, but, actually, he was just making sure his prank was done right.
It should also be noted that these elaborate efforts to become Buchanan have not distracted from his Spring Training performance. In three innings in the role of Joe Kelly spread across three appearances this spring, he has six strikeouts while giving up only one run.