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Joe Kelly gave a mini oral history of the Red Sox basketball-themed #WinDanceRepeat

Hundreds of years from now, there will be many things we'll remember about the great game of baseball during the late 2010s. The Cubs finally winning another World Series, Shohei Ohtani descending upon the Major Leagues and, most importantly, the Red Sox's #WinDanceRepeat victory celebration. 
One of the best performances the outfielders came up with this past season included Rajai Davis, Joe Kelly and a basketball sequence. It was beautiful.

On Tuesday, Kelly gave a mini oral history on how the dance came about. Listen to the snippet in the above video and the full audio as told to MLB Network Radio below:

I mostly enjoy the fact that Davis was described as being giddy as a four-year-old. Someday, at some point, Kelly's words will be recited over a more fitting musical arrangement.