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Joe Kelly dressed up as a fake baseball reporter at Red Sox camp and followed players around

Along with having an electric fastball, Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly is a man who likes to have fun. He likes pretending he's an umpire, he's one of the few non-outfielders to join in on Boston's Win, Dance, Repeat celebration and he enjoys dancing with others (or just by himself).
And on Thursday in Fort Myers, Fla., Kelly was up to some more shenanigans. This time, he put on some makeup, a white wig and a white beard and transformed into a totally different person: reporter Jim Buchanan from WJWK-TV Punta Gorda. According to WEEI's Rob Bradford (a real, actual baseball reporter), "Buchanan" conducted awkward interviews in the clubhouse and then walked out into the middle of the field while players were doing drills. Dustin Pedroia, Eduardo Núñez and Xander Bogaerts had no idea it was their teammate

Mr. Buchanan, if you're reading this, Cut4 is looking for a Spring Training correspondent and we'd love to work with you.