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Addison Reed continued the Mets' battle against mascots by taking on the D-backs' Baxter

There's no better way to say it -- the Mets' pitchers are simply not fans of mascots. At first, it was just Noah Syndergaard, whose spats with Mr. Met have been well-documented. Then, Syndergaard took his show on the road by stealing the Phillie Phanatic's ATV.
Now, the pitching staff appears to be following the leader. Prior to the Mets' game against the D-backs on Wednesday, reliever Addison Reed happened to stroll by Arizona's mascot, Baxter. Having played with the D-backs for a year and a half prior to the Mets' trade for him in 2015, Reed was no stranger to him.
Unfortunately for Baxter, Reed didn't greet him like an old friend. He has turned to the dark side.

Ouch. Neither of Reed's fellow Mets attempted to intervene, either, so they're complicit in this mascot crime.
To add insult to injury, Reed threw two perfect frames against the D-backs during the game. Baxter and company got the last laugh, though, as Arizona won it in 11 innings, 5-4.
Clearly, the Mets should have been as nice with Baxter as Madison Bumgarner.

That'll teach 'em.