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Noah Syndergaard, expert mascot troll, stole the Phillie Phanatic's ATV

It's been noted before that Noah Syndergaard has a fear of mascots. He is a masklophobic -- once telling Fox Sports:
"They're just creepy. They're very stealthy, but they're huge at the same time. I feel like they sneak up on me anywhere."
How does he counteract his fear? Well, he faces it, like anybody who throws 100-mph fastballs and is nicknamed Thor might do. He has an ongoing tiff with Mr. Met (that now even involves his own mother) and before the Phillies-Mets game on Monday, Syndergaard trolled the ultimate trolling mascot: The Phillie Phanatic.
While the giant green bird was mocking Curtis Granderson, Thor went for the ATV and was off:

Excellent teamwork, Mets. After the game, the Mets right-hander gave his reasoning for the theft: