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Adrian Beltre does a happy-feet shuffle in the box, and Andrew Romine imitates it perfectly

Adrian Beltre is a national treasure.
From swinging the bat so hard he falls down to busting out some moves on the basepaths, the veteran has a knack for doing things on the field that nobody else does.

He also has ... unique reactions to wild pitches, too:

And let's not forget about his "no touching" rule regarding his head -- one his teammates don't follow all the time: 

In Sunday's game between Beltre's Rangers and the Tigers at Comerica Park, he was at it again, this time in the batter's box. After a pitch veered inside a bit too much for his liking, Beltre shuffled his feet -- and inspired the Tigers' Andrew Romine to mimic it perfectly in the dugout:

Not bad, Andrew, not bad at all.