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Adrian Beltre swung so hard he fell to a knee ... and then he stayed there and struck a pose

As of Wednesday, there are officially fewer than 100 days before the start of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Someone must've told Adrian Beltre that fact before the Yankees-Rangers game, because he used his at-bat in the eighth inning to try out for the men's gymnastics team:

Sure, he swung so hard it brought him to his knees, but do you see his pose at the end, with the left leg extended in the air? Beltre was just demonstrating how he'd conclude his gold-medal floor exercise. He knows he's running out of time to make the team, so he had to multi-task, combining his audition with his regular day job. Rather than a blooper, the moment was actually an efficient use of Beltre's time, the first step to 10s across the board. 
Otherwise, it'd just be weird. And when is Beltre ever weird