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Adrian Beltre's number retirement ceremony provided one last chance for Elvis Andrus to touch his head

For years, Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus anchored the left side of the Rangers' infield. They provided excellent defense, of course. But, most notably, they provided a constant source of lighthearted shenanigans.

In particular, we know that Beltre does not like it when people touch his head. We also know that Andrus doesn't really care.

So, when the Rangers retired Beltre's No. 29 before Saturday's game against the A's, it should come as no surprise that Andrus would take up his former antics with the third baseman:

Even with this minor annoyance, Beltre walked out of his jersey retirement ceremony with a sweet custom bathrobe. With a bit of emotional distance, there's no way he doesn't look back on this night as a win. Head rubs are temporary, while bathrobes last a long time.