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Adrian Beltre played one last prank on Rangers GM Jon Daniels before announcing his retirement

Adrián Beltré has made a 21-year MLB career out of being really good at baseball and having fun on the playing field. Whether he was hitting home runs from his knees, moving the on-deck circle or messing around with Elvis Andus, there wasn't a thing that Beltre couldn't find a way to make just a little more entertaining.
When a player decides to retire, it is usually a serious and bittersweet moment. So it's only fitting that Beltre managed to turn his decision to retire into one last chance to joke around. In Beltre's retirement press conference, Rangers GM Jon Daniels shared a story of how the third basemen made retirement ... funny. "He started off, said, 'Hey this is a tough decision for me, this is a tough one for me ... I have decided to play,'" Daniels recalled. "He said, 'I got an offer from the Dodgers and I am going to play for the Dodgers next year.'" After a pause, Beltre started laughing and told Daniels that he was, in fact, going to retire.

The laughs at the press conference did not end there. When the time came for Beltre to reflect on his relationship with Andrus, he couldn't help but add another chapter to his long history of joking around with his infield partner:

If his retirement press conference was any indication, Beltre is going to continue to bring smiles to people's faces long after he's done playing.