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These are the eight images we'll remember from Adrian Beltre's super fun career

(Ted S. Warren)

A pall hangs in the air. A deep disturbance in the natural order of things can be felt deep in the bones. The trees whisper in sadness. And why? Because Rangers third baseman Adrián Beltré has retired

One of the greatest third basemen to ever grace the field, with a smooth glove and a bat that piled up over 3,000 hits and nearly 500 homers is retiring. But what made Beltre so special wasn't just that he was a Hall of Fame talent, but that he was one of the most friendly and fun-loving players to ever step foot on the field. It's almost harder to find a photo of him not smiling than one in which he is. 
But don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Today, let's look back at the images that will live long in our minds of Beltre on the field. 
1. The Head Rubs
Everyone has that friend who hates something, so you naturally needle them with it at every opportunity. For Beltre, that was having his head rubbed. The biggest problem for him was that the entire league was his friend, so there was never a time when he was safe from having his bald pate rubbed for good luck. 

2. The off-the-knee home runs
Hitting a baseball is supposed to be tremendously difficult. It's supposed to be a thing that requires great timing, strength and balance. Beltre cared little for the latter:

3. The dances
Just because Beltre could be dragged down by gravity on his dingers doesn't mean he wasn't light on his feet. Dude should easily transition to "Dancing with the Stars" with this kind of soft-shoe number: 

4. His friendship with Félix Hernández
Hey, maybe the point of a big league career isn't how many hits you have or World Series titles you've won, but the friends you make along the way

5. The doppelganger
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but that didn't stop Beltre from being (repeatedly) unamused when Elvis Andrus went with the synchronized catching plan

6. The batter's box shenanigans
The most helpful man in baseball

7. The real batter's box shenanigans

8. Whatever this is
Pure style

All the best in retirement, Adrian. Baseball will never be the same without you.