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Adrian Gonzalez was not above trolling Joc Pederson after the Warriors' Game 6 win

Something we know about Joc Pederson: Being from the Bay Area, he really, really likes the Golden State Warriors. Something we know about Pederson's teammate, Adrian Gonzalez: Whether messing with Yasiel Puig or fearlessly fighting mascots, he's never met shenanigans he couldn't get behind. On Saturday night, with the Warriors locked in a tight battle against the Thunder in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, these competing interests collided. 

While Golden State was completing a frantic comeback, Pederson was slowly losing his mind on Twitter. And after victory was assured, he had only one thing to say -- bring on Game 7.

Gonzalez, noticing Pederson's emotional roller coaster, was faced with one of two choices: He could serve as a sort of spiritual rebar, offering support for his teammate in his time of need. Or, alternatively, he could troll him without mercy. Let's see which door he chose: