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Mike Trout and the Angels dropped by Warriors practice, dominated in P-I-G

On Wednesday night, human flamethrower Stephen Curry and the Warriors will try to make NBA history -- a win over the Grizzlies in their final game would give them the best regular-season record ever at 73-9. With the stakes so high, it's only natural that the team wanted to spend its off-day consulting with greatness. Luckily for them, Mike Trout and the Angels just happened to be in town.

Oh, and he dunked:

After exchanging pleasantries, everybody got down to business -- Trout and Albert Pujols sat courtside and took in the Dubs' practice, presumably to offer some pointers ...

... or, alternatively, to help out the Instagram brand.

But they could only spend so much time as spectators. Soon, it was time to take to the court to settle things in one of man's oldest traditions: a game of P-I-G (like H-O-R-S-E, but shorter). Surprising absolutely no one, Trout turned out to be awesome -- just ask Draymond Green.

Eventually, though, he flew a little too close to the sun:

BUT WAIT -- when all hope seemed lost for the Angels, a hero emerged. His name is right-handed reliever Joe Smith, and after he drilled a left-handed three from the wing, the unthinkable happened:

In the end, though, game recognized game, and there could be no hard feelings. After all, Steph looks pretty good in red: