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After a yoga session, Alex Rodriguez and J-Lo wished everyone a happy Valentine's Day

(Chesterton, Eric)

Valentine's Day is an occasion to spend time with the one you love with a day of couples' activities, a romantic dinner and some time curled up on the couch.
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez lived their best romantic lives on Wednesday. They started the day off right with an invigorating yoga session.

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Yoga bound 🔥

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Fast forward a couple hours. A-Rod and J-Lo are now in the back of some manner of chauffeured vehicle -- presumably on the front or back end of a romantic, candle-lit dinner. And they're wishing you -- yes you! -- a very happy Valentine's Day:

By the looks of things, if your Valentine's Day was even half as good as A-Rod and J-Lo's, you had a fantastic one.