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Addison Reed caught another homer while in the bullpen, is now the 2017 league leader

During Saturday's Nationals-Mets game, reliever Addison Reed was warming up in the bullpen -- readying himself to get into the game. Then, when Michael Conforto hit a home run in his direction, the young baseball fan that's inside Addison saw a chance at souvenir glory, and he casually caught the dinger without missing a beat.


In the eighth inning of Monday's Mets-Braves game, Reed was at it again on Jose Reyes' solo shot. This time he made more of a run for it and smiled at Matt Kemp's attempt at robbing the homer. "Valiant effort, Matt, but I am the one true home run-ball catcher and no one shall deny me my souvenir."

That's two bullpen-home run catches in three days, sufficient enough evidence for us to declare him the early-season leader. The only question that remains is if Reed can reach the summits of bullpen homer-catching great Jason Phillips -- and pull off the feat with his hat.