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While warming in the bullpen, Addison Reed barely had to move to catch Michael Conforto's homer

When a homer has been hit and the ball is flying over the outfield fence, a few different things can happen. The ball can land in the stands, giving a lucky fan a chance at a souvenir. In some ballparks, the ball comes crashing down to earth in the bullpen, exciting nearby police officers.
Pitchers, of course, may be warming up in the bullpen or idling around in the general area when a homer heads their way. Sometimes, it leads to a great catch. Other times, well, it ... doesn't.
Our latest example of this came in the Mets' 5-3 win over the Nats on Saturday at Nationals Park. Michael Conforto cracked two homers on the afternoon -- the second coming in the eighth inning, an opposite-field shot that landed in the Mets' bullpen while Addison Reed was warming up. Almost as if the ball was seeking out Reed's glove, all the reliever had to do was take a few steps and make the play:

Talk about expert (coincidental) defensive positioning. Shout-out to bullpen coach Ricky Bones for the barehanded effort, which actually may have been a pre-emptive high-five to Reed for his heads-up grab.