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Reliever Jared Hughes tumbled pursuing Domingo Santana's homer, and the Brewers loved it

Jared Hughes didn't pitch in the Brewers' 4-3 win over the Blue Jays on Tuesday, so why was he all over the highlights?
The 6-foot-7 reliever fell face-first on the bullpen mound in the fifth inning just as Domingo Santana's solo home run sailed by. As the Brewers celebrated spoiling Toronto's home opener, Hughes was already hearing it in the visitor's clubhouse.
"I heard about him," Santana said with a smile.
So what happened?
"I grabbed my glove and I thought, 'OK, I'm going to catch this thing,'" Hughes said. "And I planted my foot to go up for it, and before I knew it I was on the ground. So I immediately got up and walked away as fast as I could, hoping nobody would see it."
Fat chance, in a stadium full of cameras.

"Everybody saw it," Hughes said. "The thing is, yeah, the camera had me and everybody saw it. But the guys who are really going to get on me are the [other pitchers in the] bullpen."
One of those guys was Corey Knebel.
"I was kind of scared at first," Knebel said. "I saw him hit his head. Then he gets up and just runs out through the curtain. I'm thinking, 'Oh, no. Is he OK?' Then he comes back 10 seconds later, peeks through and goes, 'Is it clear?'
"Will Smith [the former Brewers reliever traded to San Francisco last season] just texted me to say, 'Hey, tell your boy to stop falling down.' That was too funny. I was crying laughing."
Hughes expects more laughing to come.
"Those guys," he said, "They're going to be on me all year about this."