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Noé Ramirez made a slick catch with his cap on Albert Pujols' first homer of 2019

At this point in Albert Pujols' legendary career, anyone fortunate enough to catch one of his home runs will likely cherish the memory for the rest of their lives. He entered the 2019 season sixth on the all-time list behind only Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Alex Rodriguez and Willie Mays. Reeling in a long ball from such a prestigious slugger would be an incredible souvenir.

On Saturday afternoon, Pujols slugged long ball No. 634 against the Rangers' Adrian Sampson. Sure enough, someone had the stroke of luck to catch the blast, but instead of a fan, it was teammate Noé Ramirez, who was in the perfect position to make the play in the Angels bullpen.

Ramirez didn't have a glove on him though, so he had to catch it with his hat:

That's some solid fly ball tracking by Ramirez. Maybe he should take a page from Reds reliever Michael Lorenzen's playbook and dabble in center field in addition to bullpen work.

Ramirez could very well offer the souvenir to Pujols, but maybe he'll be lucky enough to keep it. That kind of memento doesn't fall in your cap very often.