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Alcides Escobar shows off his uncanny impressions of the Royals' pitching staff

In his nine-year career, Alcides Escobar has never taken the mound. Outside of a handful of turns in the outfield, he's played nearly every one of his 1,079 Major League games at shortstop. But the next time the Royals find themselves trailing late in a game and reluctant to burn a reliever (or Drew Butera) , they might want to consider giving the ball to Escobar -- because he has a delivery that should look awfully familiar:

Look, he's got the leg kick down and everything -- the Royals basically have two Yordanos now.
Escobar demonstrated his positively spot-on impression of Yordano Ventura's delivery before Tuesday's 3-2 win over the Rays. And for good measure, he can also accurately imitate Chien-Ming Wang's upright stance and Ian Kennedy's hop:

What we're saying is that in addition to being a wizard at shortstop, Escobar should also take his knack for impressions to Saturday Night Live in the offseason.