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Alex Bregman and Trevor Bauer kept the hot stove burning by roasting each other on Twitter

The early stages of the offseason can make for some dreary days, but don't tell that to Alex Bregman and Trevor Bauer. They maintained an entertaining rivalry throughout the 2018 season, and even though the baseball has gone away for the year, the beef has not.
It all started when Bauer issued a challenge on Twitter to other hitters to help keep himself in shape ... with an added incentive:

Bregman saw this and knew just how to respond.

When Bauer called him soft, Bregman had a clip of his ALDS homer off Bauer at the ready.

Give it up for Bregman. He knows how to really rev up the competition.

Bauer's right -- perhaps the next kind of beef will come in a video format. Fingers crossed.
Either way, the next Astros-Indians game on the schedule is April 25. We already have the date circled in our calendars.