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Sorry, burgers and pizza, you don't have any place in Alex Bregman's new non-"dad bod" diet

When you're blessed with youth, it sometimes feels as if you can eat whatever you want, with little to no consequence. Late night pizza or fast food drive-thru? Perfectly OK. Ah, to be young ... 
Professional athletes have a trickier path in front of them, of course. Competing at such a high level requires a commitment to fitness, lest your body betray you. Astros infielder Alex Bregman, he of the heroics in Game 5 of last season's thrilling World Series, is no stranger to the intense #NoOffseason workout routine -- but it also extends to his self-imposed dietary restrictions.'s Brian McTaggart caught up with Bregman at the Astros' Spring Training facility on Monday for a recap of his offseason, his thoughts on Houston's World Series parade and reconnecting with his teammates after a few months away. And, as Bregman explains, he's forgone his previous diet filled with burgers, pizza and sugary soda in favor of more fish ... and fires off an excellent quote to drive the point home:

The Astros' official slogan for 2018 is #NeverSettle, and Bregman sure seems to be taking that to heart.