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Alex Bregman hit the Red Sox first-base coach with a throw and his cringe will forever live on

We've all done embarrassing things at work we wish we could take back. The inside joke that was actually reply all'd to the company; the day you microwaved fish in the break room; the time you had a little too much fun at the holiday party. It turns out, that happens to baseball players, too. 

Enter: Alex Bregman in ALCS Game 1 against the Red Sox on Saturday night. The usually solid defender was warming up before the bottom of the eighth inning when he uncorked a throw across the diamond. This one veered off course and hit Red Sox first-base coach Tom Goodwin. Whoops. 

That left Bregman to simply wish he could take back the throw with a reaction GIF that will likely live on far beyond us remembering why the Astros infielder was reacting this way: 


Hey, we've all been there.