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A lucky young ballplayer took his first-ever flight to get some hitting tips from Alex Bregman

Earlier this week, aspiring young ballplayer Jax Nystrom had his day made when Astros third baseman Alex Bregman replied to a video of him hitting with two simple words: "Great swing." But Bregman's compliment was also followed by an intriguing offer: a personal hitting lesson from Bregman himself. 

It turned out that while Nystrom wasn't in Florida, he wasn't too far at all -- he was just up the coast in the Atlanta area. When Bregman followed up and ensured that his offer wasn't just for show, Nystrom realized that his dream hitting lesson was just a short flight away. Not just any flight, however: 

In what probably felt like a blink, Nystrom found himself at Astros Spring Training in West Palm Beach. Sure enough, Bregman was there to greet him:

After some fun pictures, it was time to get to work. It wasn't just about meeting his hero -- Nystrom genuinely wanted to get better!

It certainly seems like it was a fun day at Astros camp for 9-year-old Jax. Better yet, he may have just found himself a hitting coach for life.