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Alex Bregman says 'no other city he'd like to beat more' than Boston, likely has entire world's support

(Adam Glanzman)

Hey guys, guess who won the Super Bowl 10 days ago?
The Patriots.
Guess who won the World Series 98 days before that?
The Red Sox.
Guess which city's babies have seen five titles in the last six years?
Boston's babies.

I mean, babies are great. But c'mon, babies.
There's also the Celtics in 2008 and the Bruins in 2011. There's only been one year in the last 10 that a Boston-based team hasn't been involved in one of the five major sports' title games. The Patriots have been in every Super Bowl ever played. Massachusetts should be renamed Wassachusetts. Maybe Wwwwwwasachusetts. Wwwwwwwwwwwwasachusetts.
Boston, after years of failure, is on top. Very much so. Too much so. And whenever you're in that position year after year, teams and players will call you out. It's just the way it is.
Alex Bregman, a player who lost to the 2018 World Series-winning Red Sox in the ALCS, seems done with it. Here's a quote from his recent appearance on the "Going Deep with Chad and JT" podcast last Wednesday.
"After watching the Patriots win and with the Red Sox beating us last year, there's no other city that I would like to beat more this year than Boston." 
Bregman has started beef with the Red Sox before -- although, as you know, it didn't quite go in his favor.
Still, I love it. Beef is good. And even if the Astros can't strike out Jackie Bradley Jr. or Mookie Betts in 2019 and the Red Sox win it all again, maybe they can just put Tom Brady in the batter's box and strike him out one hundred times in a row. That should be good enough.