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Alex Rodriguez showed that he still has a great arm during a between-innings catch with Tony Kemp

When we last checked in with Alex Rodriguez, he was taking hip-hop dance lessons with Jimmy Fallon and having questionable success. To see one of the greatest athletes of his generation struggle with a physical activity was a harrowing experience for us all.

Now fully immersed in a redemption arc, A-Rod showed up to call Sunday's game between the Indians and Astros ready to prove that, yes, he still has the athletic ability that made him a three-time AL MVP. And with a between-innings catch with Astros left fielder Tony Kemp, he showed off the arm that made him a terror on the left side of the infield for over two decades.

For his part, A-Rod looks just as excited to have a catch with a Major League player as any of the myriad young fans we've seen do this in recent years. Maybe he's just relieved to put the hip-hop dancing fiasco firmly in the past.