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A-Rod trying out hip-hop dance on 'The Tonight Show' will cause flashbacks to your high school dances

Choreographed dances are a tricky beast. They can look incredibly cool when everyone knows the moves and is in synch. But there's a reason there are only three or four such songs in the wedding and high school dance rotation: It is uncomfortable to watch people figure out choreographed moves in real time.

You may think professional athletes would be immune from that awkwardness. Their whole thing is being able to move their bodies in coordinated and useful ways. On Tuesday night's edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Alex Rodriguez showed us that learning choreographed dance moves can fell even the greatest of athletes.

His attempt at learning hip-hop dance moves is you trying to follow along with the "Electric Slide" at your first school dance.

It did not take long for A-Rod to realize that this was not going to go well.


But, he persevered and was a willing learner. Thankfully so. Otherwise we would have never been able to witness his transformation into a '90s pop icon.


The dancing still wasn't good, exactly, but it was an improvement. Once he and Fallon get the moves down, we're sure this will look pretty cool. But we're probably not going to be holding our breaths while we wait.