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Alex Rodriguez has his very own arcade machine called the 'A-RodCade'

On Thursday night, world-renowned entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Alex Rodriguez gave us an update on the happenings over at A-Rod Corp: a poolside meeting with CNBC, complete with a cameraman and some marker boards. It was all very businesslike:

But wait, what's that? Behind A-Rod's right shoulder? Computer, ENHANCE:

It appears that Rodriguez has his very own custom arcade system, appropriately titled "A-RodCade." We have a lot of questions -- how long has A-Rod had this? Just who made it for him? -- but most important, we need to know exactly what games the A-RodCade contains. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? NBA Jam? A version of Street Fighter featuring nothing but A-Rods? Stay tuned.