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Photo of the Night: Alex Rodriguez joined Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala

Around this time last year, Alex Rodriguez was in the middle of the baseball season. Now that he's stepped away from the game, though, he can enjoy midseason events that were rarely possible before.
So where was A-Rod on Monday night? Going to the Met Gala with one of the few possible people to eclipse him in celebrity status -- Jennifer Lopez.

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We're ready for the #MetGala2017

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News of A-Rod and J.Lo dating went public a couple months back, and he even went on "The View" to talk about it. Now, they're hitting the Met!
J.Lo seemed pretty excited about it, too.

It's hardly a shock to see A-Rod so perfectly dressed for the occasion. The man even suited up when his daughters went to the playground.

It's not quite a baseball uniform, but A-Rod still looks as stylish as ever.