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Photo of the Day: Alex Rodriguez holds a very serious meeting with his A-Rod Corp colleagues

For those who haven't been monitoring the post-retirement career of Alex Rodriguez -- and really, why haven't you? -- there's a lot to catch up on: He's allegedly dating Jennifer Lopez now, for starters, on top of his gig as a baseball analyst at FOX and an unwavering commitment to defending his status as reigning Dad of the Year.
It's a lot to keep track of, but thankfully for us there's A-Rod Corp: social media sensation and one-stop shop for all things A-Rod, from business and philanthropic endeavors to media appearances. Of course, a firm as wide-ranging as A-Rod Corp can't be managed by one man. It takes a dedicated team, one with a razor-sharp focus at all times:

Alas, Rodriguez seems to have forgotten the cardinal rule of the business lunch: Always double-check the dress code in advance.