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While other pitchers break 98 mph regularly, Alfredo Simon drops a 54-mph eephus

In the 2016 season so far, there have been a lot of very, very fast pitches. Seriously -- at some point, it stops being a trend and becomes the new normal:

Reds pitcher Alfredo Simon, however, zigs while the rest of MLB zags. As his contemporaries break 98-mph regularly, Simon dropped a 54-mph pitch in the middle of the second inning against the Mariners on Sunday.

Mariners shortstop Shawn O'Malley could do nothing but stare at the comparably-glacial eephus. 
And yet Simon, who is no stranger to the eephus, has thrown slower. His pitch Sunday wasn't even the slowest of the season -- that was Clayton Kershaw's 46-mph pitch to Tyler Flowers in April.
Who knows? Maybe instead of triple digits, throwing as slow as you can will be the next big thing in pitching.