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Watch Clayton Kershaw unveil his newest pitch: The Eephus

Clayton Kershaw's fastball is a mid-90s weapon. His slider is a wipeout option that reduces professional hitters to tears, and his curve can upset the Earth's axis. Facing the Braves on Thursday afternoon, Kershaw unveiled his newest trick:
The eephus.
With Tyler Flowers at the plate in the bottom of the fourth, the three-time Cy Young Award winner dropped in a pitch so slow that the stadium radar gun wasn't able to pick it up.

Fortunately, PitchFX did, registering the rainbow lollipop at 46 mph. But, as Kershaw explained to's Jon Cooper, this stroke of genius was actually a complete accident.
"Tyler was taking a little bit of time so I was going to try to quick-pitch him," he told's Jon Cooper. "I got what I wanted, he wasn't ready, and Angel didn't call time, so I was going to throw it but then he got ready really quickly and then A.J. called a different pitch, I was just going to throw a fastball and I didn't want to cross A.J. up if he took it and I didn't want to throw a fastball down the middle, so I was just like, 'Alright, you won,' and I just kind of lobbed it up there."
With Flowers now having to consider a sub-radar-gun offering from the ace, Kershaw went back to his regular arsenal, finishing the at-bat with a strikeout. Kershaw is truly unstoppable.