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Sure, Big Papi can hit, but it's time to celebrate David Ortiz: Fashion Icon

<> on April 1, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Win McNamee)

When you think of David Ortiz, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Dingers, probably -- specifically of the walk-off variety. Maybe even the occasional bat flip or umpire ejection. 
But while David Ortiz: Hall of Fame slugger is legendary, we're here to talk about a different but equally important side of Big Papi. The side that wears shirts with tigers on them. The side that knows there's no shame in occasionally dressing for that 98 Degrees audition.
Yes, today we honor David Ortiz: Fashion Icon. While Ortiz has set records and won championships on the diamond, he's also blazed a trail of fantastic clothing off of it, and what better way to say goodbye than to honor some of his most iconic looks. Like, for example:
When you're at a press conference but also have a bling octopus on your head:

When you're about to drop the most fire R&B album of 1993:

When you have to take a quick call from Ed Hardy regarding your custom order:

When the only things more fire than your R&B album are your sunglasses:

When the giant tiger on your T-shirt requires no explanation:

When you've decided to let the velvet rope inspire your wardrobe:

When you interrupt your Newsies audition to appear on "The Tonight Show":

When formalwear is necessary because you're about to meet the President:

When you're set to go fishing with Pedro but need to say hi to Mickey Mouse first:

When you left your sleeves at the other pool party:

Papi forever.