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Allen Iverson threw the first pitch before the Phillies game and complimented Gabe Kapler's physique

Allen Iverson is probably the most beloved athlete to pass through Philadelphia in recent memory. Even though his Sixers teams didn't win a championship like the 2008 Phillies or the 2018 Eagles, his personality and style of play embodied something about the character of the city that fans latched on to. It's not a coincidence that Bryce Harper chose to wear No. 3 when he came to the Phillies.

Before Saturday's game against the Twins, Iverson visited with Phillies manager Gabe Kapler and even offered an assessment that the skipper looks like he can still get after it on the field.

Then it was time for the real show as A.I. was scheduled to throw the first pitch. The throw may have been a little high, but clearly the Phanatic was pleased with the effort.

Iverson said that he was as nervous as he has ever been.

"I was shaking so bad that I thought I was going to drop the ball," he said. "All of my family and friends were waiting for me to fail ... so they could laugh at me."

Well, he didn't drop the ball and delivered a fine first pitch. Based on how he played basketball, we can only assume Iverson threw that first pitch like it was his last.