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These are the perfect gifts to get for the AL fans in your life

Do you need gifts for the MLB fans in your life? Never fear, is here. No matter what team your loved ones enjoy, there are presents aplenty for all of them. Look at the list below for gift ideas for AL fans, and click here for gift ideas for NL fans
Baltimore Orioles

Birds are descended from dinosaurs, so get the science nerd and Orioles fan in your life this Baltimore brontosaurus. (Though they will probably correct you and say birds aren't descended from that kind of dinosaur.) 
Boston Red Sox 

Wally throws great parties, and all great parties need music. This miniature Wally has a speaker in his mouth, and according to the product description, he "lip syncs your favorite songs." 
Chicago White Sox 

With this lovely lamp, you'll never let the light go out on your love for the White Sox. 
Cleveland Indians

If Progressive Field had its own currency, you could be sure it would feature Corey Kluber. Plus, this particular collectible coin caught him in a smile, which is likely one of the rarest sights in the world. 
Detroit Tigers 

Celebrate Alan Trammell's recent election to the Hall of Fame with this oversized ticket bearing his signature. (Or check out fellow Hall-of-Famer Jack Morris' autographed photo.) 
Houston Astros

Help your Astros fan friends luxuriate in Houston's championship title by getting them their very own Commissioner's Trophy ... paperweight
Kansas City Royals 

With a royal wedding on the horizon, everyone in your life who loves Kansas City should be reminding the world that they're Royal too. Luckily, these flags are perfect for that. 
Los Angeles Angels 

If you know an Angels fan, they're excited about Shohei Ohtani. Get them this shirsey, because even if they have it, they're going to want at least five more. Heck, you could get this for any baseball fan. 
Minnesota Twins 

In a perfect world, you could get a Twins fan a hug from Joe Mauer. In this world, you can get them this very huggable Joe Mauer doll
New York Yankees 

The Yankees are an iconic franchise, so keep it clean and classy with this minimalist art print of Yankee Stadium. 
Oakland Athletics 

The A's fans you know probably like Barry Zito, which means you should get them some headphones with which to enjoy his music
Seattle Mariners 

Keep the Mariners fan in your life warm and cool at the same time with this throwback logo sweater
Tampa Bay Rays

Everyone loves DJ Kitty, so why not get your own kitty something nice for the holidays? This works for pets of the canine sort too, since Raymond is technically a "seadog.
Texas Rangers

There's a strong chance a Rangers fan is going to need a steak knife. It's Texas, after all. 
Toronto Blue Jays

It gets cold in Canada, but that's not the only reason you should get this hoodie for a Jays fan. It's sleek, chic and bold, and you can tell whoever you get it for that it describes them perfectly.