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An umpire had to leave a game to have a moth pulled out of his ear

You never know what you may encounter when you venture into the great outdoors. Maybe you'll cross paths with a hungry black bear or get caught in a storm. If you're lucky, you'll have the pleasant hike with mild weather that you had in mind when you stepped out your front door.
When umpires and players step onto a baseball field every night, they probably don't see themselves as outdoor adventurers ... but they are. During Wednesday's Yankees-White Sox game, an umpire had a moth fly into his ear. So, they stopped play so he could pluck the insect right out of there:

We don't know what's more impressive: that the moth wedged itself that far into the umpire's ear or that it survived the extraction process. Regardless, this incident offers a simple lesson: When you venture outdoors, don't forget your bug spray.