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The midges have returned to Progressive Field, and please don't tell Joba Chamberlain

Do you remember the Progressive Field midges? Joba Chamberlain definitely remembers the Progressive Field midges:

Poor, poor Joba.
Well, during the Indians' 3-2 win over the Brewers on Tuesday, the bugs were back. They weren't in players' faces, but instead hovering menacingly over the stadium -- probably getting together to plan out a strike come the postseason. This Indians' cameraman knows what's coming:'s Jordan Bastian asked outfielder Lonnie Chisenhall about the invasion:
"I swallowed a few of them. I'm going to skip dinner."
Hide your kids and break out the insect repellent, but whatever you do -- please don't tell Joba Chamberlain. Just don't do it.

UPDATE: Oh, no. He knows.