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Andrelton Simmons stunned Josh Donaldson by making a ridiculous snag on a line drive

The Angels' 5-4 comeback victory over the Blue Jays on Wednesday featured a 2-for-5 performance from Andrelton Simmons, who also drove home the go-ahead run in the ninth.
Despite the offense, it's always easy to find yourself returning to Simmons' unreal defense. He was at it again during this game, too, and former MVP Josh Donaldson was the victim. In the seventh inning, he sent a screaming liner to Simmons' left, seemingly destined for a hit.
Unfortunately for Donaldson, Simmons did his Simmons thing and pulled off a circus catch:

It requires phenomenal instincts to not only dive in the exactly correct location, but to also direct your glove to where the ball is going.
Did he stick the landing though? "You be the judge," he said to's Maria Guardado. "They showed me a couple pictures of my face on the floor for a second. At least I didn't eat no grass since it's turf. So it didn't go in my mouth. I'm just happy I made the play. And I can still walk."
That's a win-win for Simmons.
Donaldson had hit the ball 112.8 mph too, the highest exit velocity on any contact play during Wednesday night's game. So, you can imagine his shock at being robbed by Simmons:

Many a hitter has been there. Many a hitter will be there in the future. That's just what happens when Simmons plays baseball.