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Andrelton Simmons started a double play with a slick dive and glove flip

Even in the current golden age of shortstops, Andrelton Simmons' defense has managed to stick out. He's taken home Gold Glove Awards in three of the last five seasons because he has a knack for consistently doing things in the field that no one else can.
The Red Sox were looking to add to their lead over the Angels in the sixth inning of Thursday night's game when Simmons once again put his glove on display to thwart their efforts. With two runs already across in the inning and runners on the corners with only one out, Red Sox second baseman Eduardo Núñez hit a hard grounder back up the middle.
Rather than allow Nunez's grounder to extend the inning and add to the lead, Simmons was there to put an end to it. In addition to showing off his range, he also delivered a perfect glove flip to Ian Kinsler to start an inning-ending double play.

When the Angels traded for Kinsler in December, they probably dreamed of the double play tandem he and Simmons would form. Consider those dreams reality.
"I was honestly just trying to get one out, I was just trying to get it to Kinsler," Simmons said postgame. "To be honest, in my eyes, Kinsler did all the work, cause that was quick turn for a turn that wasn't perfect so I gotta give credit to him."