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This throw beat Martin Maldonado to the plate, so he used a perfect swim slide to avoid the tag

Martín Maldonado knows how catchers think -- after all, he is one. So, faced with an opportunity to score a run for the Angels on Monday night's 8-3 win over the Rangers, he got creative. 
Facing Alex Claudio in the top of the sixth, Maldonado was on first base with one out when Chris Young laced a liner down the left-field line. Maldonado chugged around the bases toward home, but there was a problem: the Rangers' relay throws were on target and beat him to the plate. Robinson Chirinos caught the ball in plenty of time and prepared to tag Maldonado.
But Martin had other plans, so he busted out a crafty and elusive swim slide to avoid Chirinos' tag:

He was initially ruled out by home-plate umpire Angel Hernandez, but Maldonado was convinced he was safe:

After a replay review initiated by the Angels, the call was overturned and Maldonado's hard work was rewarded. 
That's how you do it. 
"I didn't know whether I wanted to slide head-first or feet-first," Maldonado told's Maria Guardado after the game. "I didn't know which one I was going to do, but it worked out." 
His manager, Mike Scioscia, was also impressed with the extra effort: 
"I wouldn't have believed it, but Martin did everything he could to avoid a tag and he got his hand in there."