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J.T. Realmuto's new teammate Andrew McCutchen once tried to hurdle him at home plate

After months of speculation and rumors, J.T. Realmuto was officially traded on Thursday to the Phillies. It's a home ballpark in which he's had success and, if some esoteric quotes and photos mean anything, it's a deal that might lead to landing the biggest free agent of the offseason.

It also makes Realmuto teammates with Andrew McCutchen. That means, finally, the two can talk about what Cutch was thinking on this play in 2017:

If you didn't gather from the GIF, he was indeed out.

At the time, Cutch wasn't completely sure what he was doing, saying, "I don't know" twice in a span of about five seconds during the postgame interview. Was he trying leap over Realmuto? Was Realmuto scared for his life? Does Cutch think he's in the Matrix?

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Trick question: We're all in the Matrix. Let's hope the two new teammates are able to discuss soon.