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Andrew McCutchen lost his luggage and had no clothes to enjoy his off-day in Seattle

Just as he's mastered the art of hitting a baseball, Andrew McCutchen has, over the past few years, mastered the art of social media. His short anecdotes on Twitter and Instagram are insightful, well-produced and should be recognized by The Academy in the Best Short Film category. Right, Cutch?

And on Thursday, Cutch was at it again. His Yankees had a day off in Seattle before their three-game series against the Mariners starts on Friday. Seattle is a fun place to hang out for the day -- there's good coffee, hiking trails, the San Juan Islands are beautiful this time of year -- but do you know when it's not fun? When you have no clothes. Cutch lost his luggage and he told us all about it in his white bathrobe:

Yes, a deacon, Cutch. The coolest deacon in Seattle.
UPDATE: He got his clothes back!