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Master filmmaker Andrew McCutchen has returned just in time for Oscar season

We've hit the offseason, which means we're still months away from getting to watch Major League Baseball again. Unfortunate news, to be sure, but don't despair -- because that also means that Andrew McCutchen is now free to once again resume his career as a filmmaker and artistic visionary.
It began some three years ago, when Cutch tweeted the following tragicomic short film, a brief but cutting exploration into the way we dine now:

"Dear Catastrophe Waiter" soon followed, and now, after extensive meditation and reflection, the outfielder has returned with a third installment. Behold:

 The fickle gap between expectation and reality, the fragility of hope in the face of the human condition; truly, this is a master at work. (And yes, MLB teams, he's a free agent.)