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Andrew McCutchen mimed taking a handoff when he was tagged out on the basepaths

The NFL season begins this weekend, and Andrew McCutchen is ready for it. During the Yankees' 5-1 win over the A's on Tuesday night, the outfielder was caught between second and third after Aaron Hicks laced an RBI single. Knowing his goose was cooked, McCutchen opted to mime taking the handoff and running up the middle as he was tagged to end the inning. 

In an alternate reality, this may have been something Cutch did with regularity. He was a top football recruit in Florida coming out of high school, and in 2014 he said he could hang with the Steelers if he was given a few weeks to prepare. "I was a wide receiver, and running down a ball in the outfield gap is like running the post route in football," McCutchen said. "One crosses into the other."
Just check out Cutch's skills on this tough crossing route:  

McCutchen isn't the only Yankees player that has gridiron dreams. Giancarlo Stanton is also known to take the hand-off from the third-base coach during his home run trots