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Anthony Rizzo turned a fly ball with a 1 percent hit probability(!) into a leadoff homer

Heading into the Cubs' game with the Rockies on Tuesday night, manager Joe Maddon was looking for a spark -- so he put first baseman Anthony Rizzoin the leadoff spot for the first time this season.
He hit first for the Cubs a few times in 2017, and as you may recall he was quite good at it.
Facing Colorado's Jon Gray, Rizzo launched a leadoff homer into the left-field bleachers ... but this isn't what you pictured, is it? 

You see, Rizzo's homer only had a 1 percent hit probability. That's ... not ideal, and yet it worked:

Gotta give credit to the wind whipping around Wrigley Field, but definitely also to Rizzo for taking full advantage and adding another homer to his ledger. 
Here's how you react to hitting a homer like that:

Chicago has now been on the receiving end of some good offensive fortune two times in this series, after Ben Zobristpicked up a ground-rule double on an otherwise routine grounder to Nolan Arenado on Monday night: 

Hey, it all counts!