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A relentless Anthony Rizzo teased Dioner Navarro as only an ex-teammate could

Catcher Dioner Navarro is a member of the White Sox. Back in 2013, Navarro was a member of the Cubs, appearing in 93 games. Anthony Rizzo's tenure with the Cubs began in 2012. Therefore, the two of them were teammates in 2013. (Thanks, math class!). 
That important context is pretty much all you need to know to fully appreciate what went down in Thursday's matchup of the two Chicago clubs at Wrigley Field, won by the Cubs, 3-1. It might also help to recall Rizzo's penchant for playful shoves with opposing catchers, too. 
Rizzo strode to the plate in the fifth inning, prepared to assume his place in the batter's box to face Chris Sale. Too bad Navarro was in the way. No matter, a lighthearted shove ought to do the trick: 

The Cubs first baseman doubled down on his antics after Navarro reached base in the seventh. This time, Rizzo playfully tossed Navarro's batting glove ... because why not? 

This same type of thing happened across the country in Anaheim during the Red Sox-Angels game, courtesy of Albert Pujols. After the slugger reached first base on a single, he gave known pranksterHanley Ramirez a playful shove:

Who says ballplayers don't like to have a little fun out there on the field?