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Anthony Rizzo wore his full uniform on the Cubs' team plane

Anyone who's ever played baseball or softball has probably had the experience of wearing their full uniform -- pants included -- out in public before after a game. Whether it's a restaurant, a gas station or any other number of places, everyone has their eyes on you and your outfit. Usually this only happens when you're a kid, but Thursday afternoon Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo embraced the full uniform by wearing his all the way from Wrigley Field to Nats Park.

Last weekend, Mother Nature didn't smile too kindly upon the Cubs and the Nationals as their series in the nation's capital was shortened by rainstorms. As a result, the Cubs flew from Chicago back to D.C. in the middle of a homestand late Wednesday night for a single game against the Nats on Thursday, after which they'll return immediately to Wrigley Field for a three-game weekend set against the Reds.
With such a packed schedule, Rizzo wanted to be ready to go at a moment's notice.  As such, the slugger decided to wear his entire uniform, including cleats and eye-black for the Cubs' journey to D.C. 

When asked about his decision to go full uni, Rizzo's answer was simple: "Gotta be ready to play." He also admitted he didn't bring another change of clothes with him and would be flying back to D.C. in his jersey and pants win or lose.
Joe Maddon thought Rizzo's look was great. "I wish he had something done sooner because we all would've done it," he said. "I would've done it in a heartbeat."