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As a guest manager for the Giants, Chris Berman looks like a natural

Thanks to his distinctive "back, back, back ... " calls at Home Run Derbies over the years, Chris Berman's voice is firmly embedded in the minds of baseball fans and players alike. On Sunday, Giants players had Berman's voice in their ears as well, as he guest-managed their game against the Dodgers.

As a broadcaster, Berman doesn't have the typical resume of a Major League skipper. Just like all good leaders, however, it appears that he's aware of what he doesn't know and plans to rely on the expertise of those around him:

Not only does Berman look at home in his managerial threads, but he also seems to be at home working in concert with a coaching staff.
Even though he was an "acting manager," Berman performed real managerial duties once the game started. Example: He made a mid-inning pitching change:

And here he is talking about how he would go about getting ejected from the game:

Hopefully, the Giants will give him an opportunity to break out his patented home run call in the dugout.