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Artist Opie Otterstad whipped up a painting of two Astros Hall of Famers -- on a whim

Renowned sports artist Opie Otterstad has pulled his share of all-nighters during his career, but perhaps none was as meaningful as the one he experienced in the wee hours Saturday morning in Houston.
And he wasn't even working on an official deadline.
Otterstad, a born-and-raised Astros fan, always wished Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio would have been inducted into the Hall of Fame together. But, alas, that wasn't meant to be -- there were two years between Biggio's induction in 2015 and Bagwell's, last Sunday.
So, around midnight Saturday, Otterstad grabbed his paints and canvas and came up with his version of what Bagwell and Biggio would look like holding their plaques on stage together:
Fourteen hours later, Otterstad had created a masterpiece. And he did it just for fun -- this wasn't an official request from the team or the players, as is the usual process when Otterstad throws himself into a project. It did, however, make its way to Minute Maid Park in time for the pregame ceremony honoring Bagwell.
Call this one a labor of love. "This is my hometown," Otterstad said. "We all kind of started out together in the early '90s. We were all young and excited about the future. For [Bagwell and Biggio], and seeing the support of the friends we had on those teams, it's everything coming full circle as far as being a Houstonian and being involved in baseball."
Otterstad jokingly calls the painting "2016," as in the year between the two inductions.
"Just being a Houston fan, it's Bagwell, Biggio; Biggio, Bagwell," he said. "I thought, 'Well, I'm going to be revisionist history and make it happen in my own square world.'"