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Orbit had one final prank for mortal enemy Chris Archer before the Rays left town

It began on Monday, when the Rays arrived in Houston for a four-game set with the Astros -- and Tampa Bay ace Chris Archer made sure to let Orbit know that he hadn't forgotten about that Jaden Smith joke. And from that Declaration of Unfriendliness came the most legendary prank war in recent memory.
Archer recruited some teammates to ambush Orbit with water balloons. Orbit responded by printing up some "Team Archer Stinks" T-shirts. Even Noah Syndergaardgot involved -- truly, things were out of hand.
Luckily, it seemed like the conflict might have ran its course: After a 5-3 win over the Astros on Thursday night, Archer's Rays prepared to head back home for their weekend series against the Brewers. Now that the two won't be on the same field, we thought, surely their mischief is over. Oh, how naive we were:

Not even Archer's walk out of Minute Maid Park was safe, thanks to Orbit and his giant inflatable friend. Tampa Bay won't head back to Houston until the 2018 season, but if Archer's response is any indication, this is far from over.